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Shiny for shiny trading

Trading Name: Tellur

Offer: Shinies

Request: Shiny Absol

Further info: I want a shiny Absol and I have a couple shinies for it:

Anything besides shiny absol?

you still interested in this? I don’t have one but I can shiny hunt for one in exchange for the shiny beldum

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YES! Please! I hate route 15 already! I did not get a single absol to be shiny!

oh damn, you got every single other shiny possible xD. I gotchu man, i’ll lyk when I get it :))

also, you on the insurgence discord? In case I don’t get it today, I don’t want this topic to die before I get it for you xD

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i just got it

Thanks! Well I barely use discord so I’m not there.

Oh! wow! That was quite fast actually!

totally fine, it ended up working out anyways

What do you think? xD

yeahhh i got lucky, normally it takes me a while xD

you free to trade it now ?

Oh it’s beautiful! Now I just hope we’ll be able to trade properly…

ikrrr i thought so too
and wdym trade properly? you been having problems or something :(( ?

Ok, your pkmn is in order:

It’s this one right?

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Well, yes, last time i had to trade trough wonder trade, cuz the normal one got stuck in the rainbow screen.

Do you know how to trade right?

yeah i’ve traded a ton of stuff before dw xD
oof haha yeah i hope we don’t have to do that

trade names hulaunicorns btw, gimme a sec to get ready

I was about to ask! Tell me when you’re ready.

i’m ready! (lmk when ur online too)

// oof i kinda don’t wanna give this away now, it’s such a pretty shiny xD