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Shiny charizard

Trading Name: Sanz

Offer: Shiny Charizard

Request: Anything my wish is shiny groudon

Further info:Nothing.

Lmao. Can we have a pic of the zard? @Demopan

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Right now im not at my pic ill send later sorry…

btw, what do you want for it?

Not really anything specific I wish for a shiny legend as shiny char is one of the most coveted shiny.

U can show me what u can offer.

Shiny char doesnt really worth a shiny legend tbh. They are hard af to get, unlike zard which you can get from friend safaries, masuda etc. Would you take iv stones or a shiny swablu?

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Hmm perhaps any other shiny u want? Do u have any legend shinies?

I have like 80 iv stones no thanks.

I have a shiny mew , but im not gonna give it for a shiny zard. Sorry

you need to give shiny legends or a bunch or shiny deltas for other shiny legends, if you have either, show them to me and maybe i take them for my shiny groudon

Ah okay. Shiny deltas will be hard perhaps a bunch of shinies will make up for it?

Np! Its okay.

how many, also i don’t really want a bunch of shinies for my groudon


Do you perhaps have any other shinies you’d trade for my swablu?

Not really. Most shines are not a big deal for me I only want shiny legends.

Aight :+1:

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i mean the normal number needed is 9 cause 3 normals per delta and 3 deltas per legend but as i said i do not really want to trade my groudon for anything but a good looking shiny legend since i am trying to build a full shiny legend team + shiny mega rayquaza

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Hmm shiny metagross?