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Shiny charizard

i can trade a good normal shiny for it but am busy right now so will talk later

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I dont have any shiny legends myself.

How bout a shiny greninja??

oh, are you asking for a greninja for the meta, no thx, i want to keep all my shiny greninjas

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Lol aight

its one of the cooler shinies, yes. it not one of the rarest tho

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no one will give a legend for a char dude


multiple shinies do make up for legends, on average 5-7 good natured regular shinies should be enough to get a shiny legend. depends on the legend tho obviously

well duh i just said that shiny zard is one of the cooler shinies

i am not saying to you

i was saying to demopan

oh whoops lol

Got a shiny pokerus delta bulbsaur tho.

pokerus does not really matter

you can just infect mons with 1 pokerus mon, just wonder trade a bunch

and i am not trading a legend for a delta, no thx

5 perfect ivs?

jst use a iv stone to get that

my groudon has 6 perfect ivs and also has ev training

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