Shadow Mewtwo

Hello, I have a question about the new update. In the change log it says that shadow mewtwo is now usable by the player however I am unsure how to obtain shadow mewtwo in the first place. While the wiki page for delta metacross has updated on how to turn it into its crystal form, the one on mewtwo still doesn’t show how to get shadow mewtwo. Could anyone please tell me how to get it or has it not been implemented into the game yet?

You have to reach the suzerain rank in the challenge championship (you rank up every ~5 battles. and fall back to your last rank when you lose. It takes a minimum of 50 wins to reach the highest rank)


Could you elaborate a bit more how it works? Do you find and get to catch shadow mewtwo as shadow mewtwo once you’ve reached that rank or are you gifted shadow mewtwo or do you get an item that transforms mewtwo into shadow mewtwo and then you get to catch mewtwo? And how does all of this work in a randomized run?

I was wondering this too…

Please try and keep in mind dates of posts as to not necro them, but to answer your question: once you reach Suzerain rank, the attendant will permit you to enter the door to the Challenge Championship without having to enter in a round. Once you enter this room, Shadow Mewtwo will be waiting here as a static encounter, you can save in front of it and soft reset if you so wish. It’s an encounter where you catch it, and I believe it’s at Level 100.