Mega Shadow Mewtwo X Glitch

Hello everyone! I see that our discussions are still about how to obtain a Shadow Mewtwo, which you can find here.

But I have a new issue that I hope we can discuss with this new update. When I put a Mewtwonite X on my Shadow Mewtwo, it turned into a regular Mewtwo and lost it’s Dark Typing. However, it did kept its stats, IV’s, EV’s, ability, and moves.

I’m hoping this issue can be solved soon and if anyone has any insight on this I would love to hear about it!

this is a known glitch that happens sometimes to all of the pokken mons. If you need to know how to recover it lmk, but yes afaik this is something that the devs will be addressing in the next 1.3 update. Until then unfortunately it will continue be bugged like this :33

This is the info from the discord about the next update:

It links to Rocket’s post here if you would like to know more about it :))

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Understood. I didn’t save after it happened so I still have mine but I feel horrible for the people that spent so long trying to get theirs and lost it because of this.

ah that’s good :)). Fortunately, you do have 3 backups so it is unlikely that you’d completely lose it forever, but it’s still a possibility and I agree that would suck :0))

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Do you recall anything particular that happened to cause it? Was it just putting the Mewtwonite X on it, or did anything else happen to cause it?

So I had a rather large post typed up detailing all the scenarios I and my alpha testers have tried when attempting to replicate this bug that had me tearing my hair out, however I had an epiphany right before hitting reply that actually led to me realizing what’s causing this glitch.

To replicate this bug, you need to swap Shadow Mewtwo’s current item with Mewtwonite X and then enter battle and Mega Evolve during that battle.

Therefore to avoid this bug, you can either:

  1. Remove Shadow Mewtwo’s item, put it in the bag, and then give it Mewtwonite X while it holds no item.
  2. Swap Mewtwo’s current item with Mewtwonite X, enter battle but do not Mega Evolve Mewtwo at all, then exit the battle. If you enter the next battle, Shadow Mewtwo will Mega Evolve as intended.

If you’re concerned that you’ve swapped Mewtwo’s item at any point after obtaining Shadow Mewtwo, then I recommend following the process in #2 to undo the bug. However, this regrettably cannot do anything for Mewtwo that have already reverted to their normal forms.

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it was coz of mewtwonite X
happened to me as well…
now i have a mewtwo instead of the shadow mewtwo :’(