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Could You do Normal Bisharp and Mega bisharp Like Fire emblem fates Xander? I’ll Pay you a zoroarkite. Is that alright?

For future reference, it’s zoronite

Hey Serenity- are there any ethical implications for asking about CAP pokemon sprites? Is that something I’d need to run over to smogon and ask permission first?

Just want to know if you see this request :innocent:

Someone have a cool concept for excadrill and volcarona, i’m just too non creative to come up with any ideas :sweat: I’ll give you a reuniclite for this.

@Vamprinxyour sprites are done. They can be found in this post: Shiny Mega Gengar sprites

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what do i owe you? ^.^

two iv stones. Are you on discord? It might be easier to trade there

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Never mind, i found a cool concept for the excadrill :

I’d like the head armor to be a little less bulkier, and overall the excadril should be a bit more slender. For the color scheme, you can keep it as the original, or maybe add your own touches if you think it would look cool.

Edit : In your opinion, how would it look if the excadrill had no head armor and had a head with porcupine like spikes?

@SerenityFaithful hi there, are you still making custom sprites?

I think serenity is, she’s working on drago’s infernape now. she posted a picture of it in discord

Your sprites have been completed! Sorry for the extremely long wait:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m still making sprite. I saw your sprite request for a clothing item, but are you requesting a full outfit? I’m going to be raising the prices for clothing requests since they take so much longer than pokemon sprite edits. (I gotta get mod help to edit the original post.)

If you still want the clothing request, the new price is going to be 6 iv stones per clothing item. I know your shiny is for 3 sprite sets, but it takes a lot to make clothing sprites. There’s the front and back sprite, overworld walking, overworld run, overworld bike, and considering there’s the female sprite, I have in total 10 sprite things to make.

I really hate to do this to you, especially since you paid the shiny already, but it causes emotional strain on me to sprite so much. I’m gonna get a mod to help me edit the prices on the original post, but for now your shiny is equal to 2 more pokemon sprite edits if that’s okay with you. I’ll even throw in mega pokemon edits for free because of this change

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I understand it perfectly, even if i dont know the process to spriting i know it is a lot of work and your new price is very justified, so dont feel bad about it; that being said, i cant really think about any Pokemon edit i would like, so, if its OK with you i would like to maintain my request about the oufit, i am willing to pay you the full price for the outfit, you can even skip making the female sprites if you like, as i always play as male characther.

If you agree with this, i have a few shinys i caugth recently as i dont have IV stones; if you agree feel free to take your time, i have no hurry.

PS You can forget about previus payment, its been so long and some time ago i lost my main save file so its no problem for me, really :innocent:

Hey @SerenityFaithful , can you please make a Shiny Mega Typloshion follower sprite?
With the same colors you use in this one:

Pay you with IV stones

But why? Mega pokemon don’t walk around, it’s only an in battle thing

I know, but i want to replace Typhlosion “normal” sprite

So you mean a follower sprite for normal Shiny Typhlosion, with the black and blue color scheme?

I can try to sprite it. do you have the iv stones to pay me when they’re done?

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Yep, my username is eddroms