Save File help

Help one of my save files sais save file nil and crashes how can i fix it?

Thank you

Its still not working like i dont know how to get to my save files

Are you on windows?

yes i am

Search %userprofile%/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence and you will find a folder like this:

Just continue following the forum post I linked to you earlier.


Don’t search it, put it in the directory.

ty know it sais all the save backup i was on save file 2 which one do i get rid of

It depends on what save file got stuck. Game.rxdata, Save_0_(backups) should all correspond with the first save, Game 1 and Save 1 refers to the second save file, etc. The last number is how far back that backup is. Game is the current save, Backup 1 is the save before that, etc. Down to a maximum of 3 automatic backups.

Just keep loading the backups for which ever save is corrupted. Be sure to turn off autosave.

ok thank you ur a bloody legend

does it work if i move them instead of deleting them

Yes, you can and rename them for safe keeping instead or deleting them.

Ty all fixed now