RWBY Pokemon

For any of you who watch RWBY i hope you respect this adorableness.

Ability: Flash Fire
Dex: It is unknown but this Pokémon is somehow fire proof.
its Zwei
If you don’t get this go watch the series it’ll take about 3 hours for the first three seasons and about 2-3 for season 4

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I’ve never watched RWBY, so I may be completely wrong, but the sprite looks really bad. the mouth is so large, or the eyes are too small. Not to mention the really weird selective outlining. Also, Heat Absorb? Like Flash Fire? And last thing, deltas are usually in Holon.

i know but this is more like the pyroar Steven Universe lion. Its not exactly meant to be an actual delta more of a recolor for fans to laugh at

You mean this one? The one that is a shiny mod? The one that also is included with many other non-deltas? The one that is, unlike yours, not said to be related to anything that has to do with Insurgence?

you should improve your spriting b4 posting just saying