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Recolors, I can do! (I think...)

Im bored, and Im looking to start some projects!
I will do some recolors! Just tell me the pokemon, and if you want a certain color combo!
I’ll make it useable for insurgence!
Note: Takes me about 2-3 hours to finish the battle sprite, as I start with that first, and contemplate about ideas, then 1 hour to do the other sprites, as I have a reference in hand

Dm me or reply to me on this post!



mk, i’ll get on it, that was pretty straight forward :sweat_smile:

make it look epic

mhm, I would like to ask one question, blue or purple fire

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nvm idk

floatzel? or buizel is fine lol


I’ll put the finished sprites on the post, for other people if they want

yea thats cool

Metagross. Red body and Orange X thing. Can ya do it?

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@Aki, Can ya?

I can try!

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Okay, hear me out. Silver mega rayquaza with blue spaghetti strands,

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I can do that for ya mate!

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Oh really? Ty

This is the most Non-Toxic community I’ve ever been in

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My post. Also, what type of silver?

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Ikr. Everyone here is soooo chill.

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