Rate my Webs+Screen Team

While looking back at my delta-only save file, I found that my delta haxorus (caught without resetting) was shiny. I thought that it would be a shame to leave it sitting in my box, so here’s a team I’m planning to build around it! Constructive criticism is very welcome, as I am not used to the Insurgence meta. Thanks!

Delta Haxorus @ life orb (strong jaw)
Iron Head
Swords Dance
Jolly, 252 atk 252 spe 4 hp
The star of this team. Standard STAB moves, with no priority bc I have webs. And yes, the Jolly nature is natural.

Delta Metagross (Spider) @ leftovers (poison touch)
Sticky Web
Stealth Rock
Impish, 252 hp 252 def 4 spd
Pretty standard lead set for metagross (I think). Leftovers instead of mental herb bc it needs sustain, and I can u-turn out and come back in to set webs anyways.

Mega-Delta Bisharp @ D. Bisharpite (defiant)
Mach Punch
Aerial Ace
Knock Off
Blaze Kick
Adamant, 252 atk 252 spe 4 def
The defiant mon; I think either defiant or competitive is necessary for any webs team. 4 attacks so I can switch into defog and sweep after mega evolving with a +2 boost.

Delta Raichu @ Light Clay (cloud nine)
Rapid Spin
Light Screen
Hasty, 252 hp 252 spe 4 spd
I initially included this for hazard removal, as I can’t afford to run defog. Although screens aren’t necessary, I decided to run it so that haxorus can have an easier time setting up.

Delta Lanturn @ Colbur Berry (flash fire)
Tail Glow
Fire Blast
Shadow Ball
Timid, 252 spa 252 spe 4 hp
Instead of using dela charizard or milotic as a special spin blocker, I decided to go with delta lanturn. Honestly, lanturn’s only advantage is tail glow, but that’s all it needs to sub on the switch, and sweep after one boost.

Armored Delta Volcarona @ D. Volcarona Armor (levitate)
Sludge Wave
Dark Pulse
Calm, 252 spa 252 spd 4 hp
This thing is here mainly to beat stall and sit in front of special attackers. Not much else to say.

On D. Haxorus, if you’re not running either Crunch or Ice Fang, why not switch its ability to Water Veil? Immunity to random burns is pretty good. If you have the means, D. Meta’s hidden ability is Poison Heal, which when given a Toxic Orb provides both healing and status immunity. It would be a hassle, but rebreeding D. Raichu for a Jolly nature would help it survive longer vs physical attackers. Colbur Berry could be replaced with Leftovers if you want for added survivability on D. Lanturn. Everything else looks pretty good.


Yea, I’ll definitely make the ability changes to haxorus and metagross. I guess jolly would be better than hasty since raichu doesn’t run a special move, too. But for lanturn, I think I’ll stick with a colbur berry because I don’t think lanturn is bulky enough to take advantage of leftovers, especially without defense investment. Thanks!


No problem!


ik this isn’t related but, do you like shiny delta haxorus? if not i’d be willing to tra- nah jk i would be willing to make a recolor (assuming you don’t have one)

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Wdym by recolor, a normal delta haxorus? If so, I already have some lol.

no i mean an enitirely new color bc, the black hardly changes anything like this,Delta Hacks (1) but better

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Ohh so is it a png file? If then, I’m down.

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For Delta Bisharp, I recommend this set: (scroll down to Technician Abuser please)

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Thanks for the recommendation, but I don’t think I’ll be using that set. From what I can see, the Technician Abuser set relies on Bulk Up to boost Bisharp’s attack to either wallbreak or sweep. However, Bisharp’s main job on my team is to boost itself via defog+defiant, so it doesn’t need Bulk Up. And since that frees up a move slot, I included Knock and Blaze Kick for better coverage, as opposed to the technician-boosted moves in the set, which aim to hit targets neutrally.

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Not true.

?? Wdym