Rate my team for e4

-Calm Mind
2.D.Scizor@Expert Belt
-Close Combat
-Psycho cut
-False Swipe
-Icicle Crash
3.D.Haxorus@Life Orb
-Aqua Tail
-Swords Dance
4.Gengar(No item)
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
-Belly Drum
-Seed Bomb
-Body Slam
6.D.Muk@Rocky Helmet
-Sand Tomb
(am trying to get a delta metagross (spider) but im having troubles catching one i have made a post about it)

what abilities are you running on your mons? It does make a pretty significant difference.

  1. If you want to run calm mind variant of d venusaur, swap out moonblast for draining kiss and moonlight for shadow ball

  2. D Hax: swap out heavy slam for iron head, won’t need swords dance if you’re running strong jaw, swap sd for either ice fang or earthquake

  3. D. Lax: swap out body slam for drain punch or synthesis, might want to swap belly drum for bulk up. Always have healing moves if you’re using belly drum

  4. D. Muk: You need coverage moves. Look at stone edge, poison jab, or fire punch. Could also run a different held item

D.Venasaur has Psycho call
D.haxorus has vater veil but i can get strong jaw
D.Scizor has ice cleats
D.Muk has Regurigation
Gengar has levitate
D.Snorlax has thick fat

@PeterHolmes74 Got any ideas?