Randomizer stopped working?!?

So I was playing the game and one of my mons died and I replaced it with and anorith, he needed some training so I went to the SB to use the level trainer, but my game crashed as soon as the battle started, I reentered and everything seemed fine, but then the pokemon stopped bieng randomized, I loooove this challenge and Im only getting into helios city, what can I do about it???

Your best bet is to check your backups from before the crash.

How do I check them and then, what do I do???

Thanks for the help, I tried but it seems I saved more than three times, either way I wasn’t too far in the game which is good, I’ll just restart and now I know how to fix the problem if it ever happens again, thanks a lot :smile: :smile:

Same thing happened to me, at least I had caught all the legendaries I wanted