Rad Red ~~Nuzlocke~~,Locke Over, Beaten by Sabrina

So, i wanted to do something ridiculous to destroy my sanity and I thought of this… A RADICAL RED NUZLOCKE. I promise i wont quit it until I either lose or win. I have the free time to play so yeah.
Ill be starting in a bit.
someone please pray for me

The Locke’s over, since Sabrina beat me, but im still playing and posting, i just dont put the nuzlocke rules into account anymore!

We of course start by naming ourselves GiaPe

A perfect family friendly name for our rival

First of all, we add minimal grinding mod cause ev training takes A LOT of time



Also no

And at last, i picked no for randomization as well

I picked bulbasaur ofc

Easy first rival battle

We do all the “kid go to viridian and get me parcel cause i dont know walk, but i will the parcel remember not” and blah blah blah, and the interesting part of the run starts. We get our pokeballs.

Moral of the story: Oak is as dumb as a tree

Unfortunately it is day here so i can only encounter the hoenn zigzagoon and not the galar one

Rip I tried to name him " " , but it would just revert back to zigzagoon. Ill just call you… ZigzaOOF

YESSSS. For those who dont know , Staraptor’s my favorite flying type (P.S Thats my viridian encounter)

Nice i never actually noticed you dont need the name rater to change nicknames in rad red

Our route 2 enc is this cute litleo

Our route 22 encounter was wasted since i ran out of pokeballs.

Wait lmao wrong pic

Got the wise glasses

Viridian forest enc