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Quagsire to Queen


I’m a huge ttar fan, and I downloaded the queen quoago custom skin pack thing, but I can’t figure out how to apply the custom pack to my game. Can someone please help me?


Unzip the file with your Queen Quago skin, go to where Insurgence is installed, then “Graphics”. After, go to “Battlers” The image files in the zip file should have the same name as normal Quagsire skin. Just copy and paste (it will ask you if you want to replace files. Say yes) the images into the correct folders, then start the game and it should work.

This also works for 3D Sprites! :wink:


it wont let me paste the quoagos ;~;


Can you send me the Quagos download link?


I got it from another post on the forums


I see.
Okay, so…
Open the DOWNLOADED Battlers file, and take the .png images and paste them into Pokemon Insurgence’s Battlers file.
Do the same for the Characters and Icon files, and when it says there’s files with the same name, say yes.


what do you mean by downloaded…?


The Queen Quago file you got. There should be files named Character, Icon, and Battlers. Take the images inside them and paste them into Pokemon Insurgence’s Character, Icon, and Battlers files.


Did it work?


it still won’t let me paste the quoago files


Send a pic.



Do ctrl + c


Did it work?




Watch the same steps in this video. You do not have to download the sprites, just watch what he does and copy it.


still doesn’t work, I give up