Can any1 help me make a queen quagsire please D:

can you send all the sprites of pokemon named quagsire i really want queen quagsire vote for queen quago

here is the original tweet where tyranitartube got the sprite from:

hey but its not an png image my game crashed when i put it

i made a zip file with the images formatted correctly here. Unzip that file, go to where insurgence is installed, then “Graphics”. The image files in the zip file are in folders that match where they go in the graphics folder. Just copy and paste (it will ask you if you want to replace files. Say yes) the images into the correct folders, then start the game and it should work.

Am I the only run running into where My quagsire has a transparent black/gray box around it? Do ya’ll know how to fix it? It isnt to big of a problem it just is kind of annoying as it sticks out. I can send a picture of it if required.

I tried Reseting my game, in the files instead of a white background the queen Quoago files have a Transparent Grayish/Blackish box when you open the file.