Post Game Softlock found i Need help

After beating the game and meeting professor maple at the train station i accidentally talked to her from behind next to the train dude. Maple can’t pass me and i softlocked myself, does anyone have any advice besides deleting my save…i’m 55 hours in and really don’t want to restart.

If u haven’t (quick)saved more than 3 times u can try loading a backup, u can see how to do it here , also,if u haven’t (quick)saved at all just restart the game lol

Well gee that doesn’t help. Unbelievable, I almost don’t wanna play through again. I’m glad there’s a post game softlock that kills runs…great. Great game with a great story but this is a huge problem.

Hmm, weird, try loading another backup? Idk
(Also, did u load all of your backups?)

so before hoping on here to report this i may have QS’s more than 3 times… How far can i back up?

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The game keeps your last 3 saves as backups. If u have saved more than three times, well, u gotta restart sadly

Can you DM me your save on Discord, please? I’d like to look into it to see how it happens and check if there’s any ways to fix it.

My Discord username is @Crimson#4138.

I have seen this glitch happening again in one of the forum posts here