How to load your backups

Occasionally you may get stuck somewhere you can’t escape from or come across an error in your game that reads End of File reached, or incompatible marshal format. This most likely means that your save is corrupted, and you will have to load a backup.

If your save is corrupted, don’t panic just yet. Every time you save, the game will keep your past 3 saves as backups, and these can be used to recover a corrupted save file.

If you are on Windows and your file extensions are not enabled, follow these instructions to enable them. They will make the next steps easier to understand:

Enabling File Extensions
  • Open your File Explorer (where you view your files)
  • Click on the View tab at the top of the window
  • Near the right should be a section labelled View/Hide, and a series of checkboxes, one of which says File Name Extensions. If this is not checked already, check it.

Your save is located in different places depending on what operating system you use.


C:/Users/(your username)/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence


  • Press Win key (next to left alt) + R
  • Copy/paste %userprofile%/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence into the bar that pops up
  • Press Enter

~/.wine/drive_c/users/(your username)/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

Mac (Terminal Download)

~/pkmn_insurg/drive_c/users/(your username)/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

Mac (Wine Stable)
  • Press Command + Shift + G
  • Copy/paste ~/.wine/drive_c/users into the bar that pops up
  • Click on the folder with your username, then the Saved Games folder, then the Pokemon Insurgence folder
Mac (Wineskin)

Right click the app -> Show Package Contents -> drive_c/Users/Wineskin/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

After you locate your Saved Games folder, you will see a bunch of .rxdata files in the folder. You may or may not have all of the following files depending on how many saves you have.

Game.rxdata is Save 1 in game
Game_1.rxdata is Save 2 in game
Game_2.rxdata is Save 3 in game

The backups are labelled in the same way.

Save_0_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 1. Note that there is no ‘0’ for the Game.rxdata file listed above, but there is for the backups.
Save_1_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 2.
Save_2_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 3.
1-3 denotes the backup number, they are 3 separate files in the folder.

Once you have your saves, follow these steps to load a backup:

  • Delete the corrupted Game.rxdata file, depending on which save is corrupted (e.g. if the save in your first slot was corrupted, delete Game.rxdata). If you don’t know which save got corrupted, it is almost certainly the last save that you played.
  • Take your first backup, which will be labelled Game_X_Backup_1.rxdata, where X is the respective savefile (for our example, this would be Game_0_Backup_1.rxdata because 0 denotes the backups for the save in the first slot).
  • Rename that file to the respective Game.rxdata file, and relaunch the game. If the first backup is also corrupted, repeat the same steps with the 2nd and 3rd backups.

If no backups work, then you are sadly out of luck.

Tips on making sure this doesn’t happen again:

  • Don’t tamper with the save files in any way other than what’s listed here, which should only be used for emergencies
  • Save frequently to avoid losing a lot of progress
  • Don’t spam quicksave if you are stuck somewhere, this will overwrite all your backups
  • If all of your backups unfortunately don’t work, deleting all of them should at least allow you to open insurgence again

You can also use a similar method to switch the order of your saves.

Say you want to switch save 2 to be in save 1.

  • Move Game.rxdata out of the Saved Games folder and rename it to Game_1.rxdata
  • Rename Game_1.rxdata in the Saved Games folder to Game.rxdata.
  • Move the new Game_1.rxdata back into your Saved Games folder.

The backups can be rearranged the same way, or you can just keep saving in your game and they’ll be newly generated. This can also apply to any combination of 2 saves by replacing the filenames in the directions with the respective names.

Hopefully this clarifies any trouble people have loading their backups. Happy playing!


Nice guide.

question: if the name of the backup file is “save_0_backup_1-3” should we rename it to “game_1”? im jsut stuper stupid sorry fghgd

if you’re playing on save 1 you rename Save_0_Backup_1.rxdata to Game.rxdata

im confused


Hi. Late to this conversation but can this be done if playing on mobile??? I got to the part I’m about to battle the Infernal cult with Nora but as soon as she ran up to talk to me the game froze. My Pokémon is still bouncing around and I can click buttons but nothing happens. I accidentally hit autosave as soon as it happened and again trying to fix it. Can I undo this or am I kinda sol?

  1. don’t necro posts, aka if a post hasn’t been talked on in a while, especially not 2 years, don’t reply and just ask on a new one.

  2. I don’t believe it can be done on mobile.