Post-game i don't know what I missed

This is what i’ve already done:

Holon region: I’ve beat the professor with all the delta regices so I think i’ve finished Holon scenario. Damian: I’ve caught Darkrai and defeat Damian, is free of the virus now, the first augur take care of him Reukra: I’ve defeat the hippi with Zygarde and after i’ve defeat a guy with blue hair after the puzzle enigme ( th answer was birth )

Legendaries: I’ve caught: Meloetta, Volcanion, Moltres, Deoxys.

Now I am stuck. I heard about Arceus but I don’t find it, I found Perfection lab but the enter is lock. I’ve heard about rematch E4 but i don’t know where is Arceus.

If someboy can tell me when i am wrong plz.

( Sorry for my english ^^ )

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Hope this helps:

Post-game guide: Collaborative Post Game Guide

Legendaries locations: Collaborative Legendary Pokemon Guide

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Unrelated but where’d you find Deoxys? I’ve been looking and I can’t find it anywhere

Relic song at nightmare badlands(in dream realm)

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Thank’s for the guide !

For deoxys I’ve found him but it’s was the hazard ^^ When you return to the realm world, juste before to fight ( and catch ) Darkrai, you will see on the why some music notes on a wall. Use the ability " Relic Song ", and it will teleport you in a cave where deoxys is.


Found it!! I’ve looked through there about 5 times, I just saw a TM I didn’t find before and it let me to the RS wall :rofl:

Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

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No problem it’s cool if I can help !

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