Pokemon who got better in Pokemon Insurgence

Lets get to it, shall we?

Flygon: Mega Flygon? Yes PLEASE! With a great ability in Amplifier, and access to some great sound STAB like Drakon Voice & Bug Buzz, AND Boomburst, this thing is AMAZING. It definitely deserves its Ubers spot.

Chatot: This pokemon isn’t the best one. But…hmm. Mega? YEAH. Having stab & Amplifier boosted BOOMBURST & Chatter, it is a rightful Uber.

Regigigas: This thing took a 360, going from one of the worst pokemon ever, to OP! With a possible 643 attack stat, AND unaware? Wow. It gets access to great moves like Strength & Earthquake, tearing through every single pokemon that comes its way. Uber? Yeah.

Reuniclus: Horrible speed? No problem. Thanks to Speed Swap, it sets up trick room to outspeed and sweep most pokemon. With great moves like Psyshock & Psychic, this thing is Trick Room BO$$. OU? Definitely. UBERS? Maybe.

Stunfisk: Huge Power is a great ability. So imagine if a pokemon got the huge power special variant? With great moves like Earth Power & Thunderbolt, this thing is sitting pretty in OU. Maybe it may make the leap to Ubers.

Hydreigon: OH YEAH. From Levitate to Lernean, this thing just keeps hitting hard. And 170 Special Attack? With moves like Dark Pulse & Dragon Pulse? Uber at BIRTH.

Haxorus: !@#$%& 182 attack? THE F**K? And the amazing STEEL TYPE? Wow. With attacks like Outrage & Iron Head, 100% Uber.

Bisharp: Moxie. Sweep. Sucker Punch. Iron Head. Swords Dance. Ubers. YES.

EDIT: Thanks to the help of the community, I am adding a few to the list:

Spritomb: 100% best new moon setter. Boosting the power of BOTH of its stab types. But then…it just got better. After that, it can go MEGA with the great ability Tough Claws, boosting its contact STAB even more. with attacks like sucker punch and the HIGH CRIT RATIO Shadow Claw, and using its poor speed for a move like Revenge. 1000% OU.

Typhlosion: Meh. doesn’t have good abilites. Well, not until MEGA happened. A special version of MOXIE? 159 spa? You are just asking for a sweeper. And with great STAB in Flamethrower, heh. It might Hubri-ng itself to OU from its UU spot.

Marowak: Gen 6 parental bond was BROKEN. Now picture that with a pokemon with 135 attack, STAB earthquake & shadow claw, and priority with shadow sneak? UU to Ubers. It’s possible.

These are some of the pokemon that became BEASTS in insurgence. Any pokemon I missed (excluding DELTAS)?



Are you messing with me @Aki? Cause I feel like you are messing with me.


I have been editing that one in before you said it. I just had to go shower.

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btw about regigigas, I think you mean it took a 180

I meant what I said and said what I meant.

FYI, Reuniclus’ speed stat changes to 80 when it mega evolves. Trick room ability can be useful, but definitely is not for Reuniclus.

Weak armor also significantly reduces Mega Haxorus’ usefulness, despite the boosted speed.

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What bout mega typhlo kek, tis thing is amazing lol

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Awake again I see

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You know that Mega Reunicluss has 80 bast speed, that makes him unviable as a Trick Room user. Go figure.

oop. but it still outspeeds most pokemon.

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