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Pokemon Uranium playthrough

i have pokemon uranium and can play it if you want

I’d read it

ok i am going to start it in an hour

thx for the edit aj2005

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i think we are currently experiencing a title war between boggaspotatoe and indienanimator

here is the pokemon prof

sry was gone… i am starting the playthrough

also my nick is dheer so when it says dheer… thats the main character

which starter should i pick
  • orchynx image
  • raptorch image
  • eletux imag

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orchynx is the best starter to pick because nuclear type pokemon are nutral to it

nah, raptorch is better. Itz cool af kek

also i choose raptorch in my first playthrough

but i can choose raptorch if you want… it will end in the box as soon as i get inflageteh since that firebolt is o

if you don’t want to use raptorch then why did you put it in the poll?

cause if peole want raptorch then i have to choose raptorch

i have dicided to choose raptorch because whynaut

also the votes say that people choose raptorch

oops… i will rest the game and wait for a few hours for the starter pole because sbeve just voted