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Pokemon Uranium playthrough

ok i have waited for 1 hour… orchynx won

after defeating the rival he runs away crying

dramatic turnaround indeed


why are the zubat clones soo anoying, AAAAAAHHHH!!!

i had made a rule when i first started playing pokemon insurgence that i will not ever use repels because i had found a random wild shiny

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also the digglet clones know arena trap so that is fun

i am going to next play uranium in two hours since i am playing insurgence randomizer

sorry have to start my sturdies will play later.

this fan of the first gym leader just gave me a freaking key to her house

if the first gym leader is the original champion and we defeat her that do we become the champion

i defated the gym leader using leach seed and growl… lets go

i caught a barewl for rock smash

it has Fricking pokerus
it’s rarer than a shiny


But it doesn’t look cool which is what matters

pokerus can infect cool pokemon from uncool pokemon