Pokemon platinum extreme random nuzlocke

Hi everyone. I’m Derpy and i am going to be playing Pokemon Platinum with a twist. It’s an extreme randomizer nuzlocke!! these randomized stats include
Item randomizer
:arrow_right:Pokenon type randomizer
:arrow_right:Remove Trade Evolution
:arrow_right:Randomized pickup items
:arrow_right:Randomized wild encounters
:arrow_right:Pokemon up to Generation 5
:arrow_right:Randomized pokemon starter
:arrow_right:Increased difficulty of trainers
:arrow_right:Randomizer move
:arrow_right:Randomizer Nickname
:arrow_right:Randomizer wild pokemon
And others such as trade evolution are gone as seen up above…

I’m just going to go with ray ray again

The game is kind of bugged with these legendaries BUT the stats and all are randomized…

The THUD!!! image

OMG it said elite four CHAD. LOL it randomizes trainer classes.

Rayquazza is the same. but for those who didnt see let me repost its stats and moves. image image

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My first encounter image noice.

image stats :arrow_lower_right:

image no no no its bad. It only has 3 attacks and this is its best.

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went to lake verity for next encounter got this image

image ONLY 1 attack move. WHY ONI-chan WHYYY. image

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only his HP went down :laughing: lucas is really bad at his job

3rd encounter

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image. image i have high hopes for this guy.

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I’m going to stop here for now but i’ll be picking back up where i left off

That wannabe Latios-Charmander looks promising.

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I hope so i wish fury attack was like 150 power though :sob:

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It would make it as balanced as in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

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Yep. I’m lucky to get all my encounters i killed like 2/5 of them in my orginal run and yknow seel was bad

Now i’m training up my team other then rayray, the others are underleveled

When training the Charmander i found a venemoth with intimidate. An good ability and then the venemoth uses cosmic power. TANKY!!!

first move Charmander is able to learn is heart swap. Usefull as heck. YEP.