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Pokemon Insurgence on Mac OS Catalina and Big Sur!

Alright this is very exciting as wineskin has released a new version to run 32 bit window applications on Mac! So I’m going to give u the run down so u 2 can play Pokemon Insurgence on Mac once again. So first u r going to need the Insurgence Core and Wineskin, the core can be downloaded by just getting the full windows version of the game and to get wineskin just run the following lines in terminal one at a time (some of these take awhile to run so make sure u always see the $ or % before u run the next line!):

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”
brew tap gcenx/wine
brew install --no-quarantine unofficial-wineskin

(if these steps didnt work for u try the manual method here GitHub - Gcenx/WineskinServer: Wineskin Unofficial Update)
after all of these have been completed u should now have Wineskin Winery in your applications folder, open it. From here select update under wrapper version and wait for it to update, then click the + button and install the latest engine version. After all this is complete click “Create New Blank Wrapper”. It doesn’t matter what you name it but if you want to keep it identical to mine just name it “Pokemon Insurgence” just like that. after clicking okay a lot of things will run, make sure if it asks for any additional downloads or things to happen to LET THEM HAPPEN! Once it is done it will ask if u want to open finder location select yes or open in finder whichever it says. Once you see your application in the new finder window right click/two finger click/control click the application and select “Show Package Contents”. From there run Wineskin in the new window that pops open. If u haven’t already un-zip the core file u got from the windows ddownload of the game so a folder is located somewhere. From the Wineskin application select “Move a Folder Inside” and locate the game core folder that u unzipped. Select Open and let the process load, if it asks to locate exe it should auto fill out otherwise locate the exe file in the core folder. From here u should be able to close everything and run it beautifully, if something doesn’t work don’t worry we have troubleshooting processes.

  • Some people report having to disable there SIP to make Wineskin work, if that is the case just follow this video tutorial:
  • Mess around with the Wineskin Screen Options and Advanced Settings, me and the mods will be happy to help you in the replies of this post so don’t be scared to post!

I’m so happy I can lay my eggloke again so please Apple don’t take this away from me ever again! Happy gaming and Insurgence Forever!

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Oh and also guys make sure you set the icon to this if you want to bring back the memories of the old mac application: Desktop Icon

Alternatively just run:

curl -S "" | bash

It has incorporated gcenx/wine since January.

We originally used wineskin for distribution, but the problem was that wineskin is such a confusing tool to bug fix and many issues are born if you don’t understand very well what you are doing. It is probably better off if you just use the gcenx/wine on the base exe overall