Pokemon Insurgence (1.2.3) Revised Viability List

(Not Complete)
Insurgence introduced some wonderful meta-changing dynamics in the form of Deltas, new Mega Evolutions, Armored Pokemon, and other miscellaneous features.

With this, it can be hard to figure out good competitive strategies, however forum user OmegaAlpha has compiled a comprehensive tier list that I have found incredibly useful. Unfortunately the poor formatting and massive vandalism due to the document’s privacy settings make it difficult and frustrating to read

This is my re-format, with neatly listed tiers and images. All is credited to the original author, or course, but this is my addition to his efforts.

Formatted List:

Original Post:

I personnally don’t like using the name of Smogon’s usage tiers on a viability ranking tiers list, using letter, other terms or numbers seems better.

Exemple usign Super Smash Bros Ultimate:
(according to https://www.proguides.com/super-smash-bros-ultimate/characters/) Pokémon trainer is considered S rang (top tier in viability terms) but is verry little used (low tier in usage terms) because he is ridiculusly hard to use, as it require to know three character at the same time and to switch between them at the right moment for the right situation.

Another example, Smogon keeps a viability ranking AND usage stats, these two showing different results.

Viability and Usage are very different I simply wanted to be more precise. You are making a viability tiers list.

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Super outdated list I suppose but a lot of things here seem wrong…delta serp and delta scizor as OU…seriously?