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Pokemon Insurgence Full 1.2.3 Viability Rankings


So, I was looking at all the cool new Mega Evolutions and Delta Pokemon on the Insurgence Wiki and then I looked at Smogon for analysis and well, one thing led to another and I ended up creating a list of all the different sets that I thought were viable in the game.

Now, I’m no Smogon analyser and I don’t know how the metagame of competitive battling works most of the time, so I thought I would post up the completed list for all of you to see and add suggestions to about which tier the Pokemon might be in in the Smogon meta (Apart from UFI, because I don’t have enough information from the wiki on it’s moveset yet)

Now, some of these tierings may be extremely obvious. For example, I can tell that all three Crystal Primals would make Anything Goes just because of how stupidly broken their abilities are. But, I’d like to see what you guys would think about the Pokemon in the other tiers and if their presence would move any official Pokemon down or up. I’ve also created a brand new tier called the ZU Tier because I think the PU Tier would get a bit crowded otherwise.



There is no way Primal Regigigas is Anything Goes. It has Primal Groudon’s stats with slightly higher Atk, SpD, and Spe but lower Def and much low SpA. It’s typing is not as useful as Primal Groudon’s and while it’s ability isn’t bad it isn’t as useful as Primal weather.

You also can’t just take EVs from Smogon. In-game battles are locked to Lv 50 and simulator games go to 120 and stats scale weirdly because of that. For example the Smogon set for Ferrothorn is 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SpD. The SpD EVs allow it to survive two +3 Ice Beams from Manaphy and the rest goes to Def. At Lv 50 it would be 252 HP / 60 Def / 196 SpD and at Lv 120 it would be 252 HP / 108 Def / 148 SpD to fulfill the same goal. This also applies to any Megas that aren’t 252/4/252 because they change stats and the reason behind the EVs changes.


OK, Thanks for your advice and feedback. I know this viability ranking thing is difficult for me and to be honest, this is just a draft of what’s to come. I’ve placed Primal Regigigas down to Ubers where I think it would still have great advantages, being able to somewhat check setup sweepers like Extreme Killer Arceus and Geomancy Xerneas.

I understand the levels in Insurgence work differently to the main series, but what I don’t know is how to calculate damage based on Lv 120s, is there some sort of calculator for that that’s similar to the Smogon one?


Also has Delta Dex and some other Insurgence features (Foundry Stealth Rocks, Sleet, etc). It is buggy at the moment though.


I decided that I wanted to make the Viability Rankings more interactive as I can’t do this alone, so I’ve allowed comments to be posted on it.

If you are unsatisfied with where a certain Pokemon is placed, then make a comment and I will tell you whether I agree or disagree with it.


Okay, I made a bunch of comments. There are some Deltas I haven’t looked at that much so I can’t judge all right now.


So far, we’ve managed to judge most Pokemon into an official tier ranking list from OU to ZU. There are a few nuts and bolts around to sort, but we’ve gotten the gist of it mostly down packed.

Now, we need to see what effect these Insurgence Pokemon will have on the metagame, whether they’ll cause some Pokemon to become redundant and drop down a tier or whether their presence will cause other Pokemon to rise to the top to counter them.

Here are some things to consider.

  1. Will any of the older Pokemon in a tier become outclassed by a new Insurgence Mega Evolution or Delta Species who can perform their job similarly, but who are better in every way at that job.

  2. With the advent of new Mega Evolutions in Insurgence that are flooding over the game, are there certain Mega Evolutions that aren’t worth using in specific tiers anymore.

  3. How will the new moves and abilities of Insurgence (e.g. Foundry, Corrode and New Moon) impact the meta game. Will they perhaps place powerful Pokemon who were considered almost unbeatable during a normal meta game match in precarious situations where they can be knocked out more easily?

  4. Are there some abilities and moves that are considered too powerful for standard competitive play and that should be banned to Ubers or AG (e.g. Livewire and Permafrost are the two that I’m thinking of right now.) If these are banned, what effect would this have on the meta game

Also to A_Wild_Noob_Appeared, thanks for helping me work on this Viability List, you’re a great help when it comes to your damage calculator, the sets to use for different Pokemon and determining what Pokemon should go in which tier.


This is a super-interesting topic and I appreciate your work. I’d love to give my two cents when I become a little more familiar with Insurgence.