Pokemon Avatar Shop

Can’t seem to find an avatar that suits your liking? Perhaps I can create a great avatar for you! I can create any pokemon, even deltas! Feel free to request an avatar, but I can only take one person at a time.

These are some examples I have available. Feel free to use these if you wish.


Can I have an avatar of a Dialga, as that is my favorite pokemon.

Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

No problem. One dialga coming right up. It will take some time to make but I will be sure to get it done. :wink:

thank you again so much

they look really nice.

Cool that you’re taking your time to make those for ppl around here.

woah awesome~ can u do a swampert or rayquaza please :smiley:

If you can, can you do a shiny Umbreon?

Could I have the Absol from the Pokemon Reborn cover? I think a copy of the pick might be my current icon. Really what i would like is an Absol with the Pokemon Reborn colors. Please and thanks

I’d appreciate a togekiss!

Can I get a ash-greninja Thanks in advance

I would love a Deadpool sprite. Nah, just jking. :joy: If you could make one for me, it would be awesome tho. But a Shiny Charizard Y could be great. =)

So many requests, I didn’t think I would get so many at a time! O.O xD

@SerenityFaithful Since your examples were cool XD

Just do it in the order of requests when you have the time. You did mention this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Only if you can, can you do one swampert please

I’d like a toxicroak one please :smiley:

Your avatar is ready, @aryaddesai! Hope you like this one:

Lets see, @anon78299495 I think you requested shiny greninja? yours is next on my list. :wink:

thank you so much, it looks really nice

Hey, if you’re available, a mega Absol avatar would be awesome! You got some great art tbh. It’s fine if it takes a while :]