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Pokemon Avatar Shop

thank you so much, it looks really nice

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Hey, if you’re available, a mega Absol avatar would be awesome! You got some great art tbh. It’s fine if it takes a while :]

Still found no awesome mega banette pics.

Can u please make me a shiny milotic?? :smiley:

Here is your new avatar, @Da_Vijayman!

@Sato I’m going to do a rayquaza for you if you’d like that. If you want swampert instead, just let me know, otherwise you’re getting a rayquaza :wink:

Thank you for this :smiley:

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Since I’m quite late, Rayquaza then ^^ I’ll ask for a swampert next time :wink: Thank you for making it in advance ^^

I know your busy and all but I would like an icon with charizard looking one way and delta charizard looking the other and it being split in the picture. If this is to much you dont have to do it It is not the end of the world for me

May I please request a shiny Eevee, if it would be alright?

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Can you make me an avatar of Cool looking Haxorus 8) thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If possible, can you make a shiny female Jirachi? Not many people I know have noticed, but just in case: The skin tone of a female Jirachi is more pink, and as for shiny, the tabs on it’s head are red. Thanks in advance!

Delta mega charizard please

Delta Bulbasaur please!

If you’re not doing any right now, could I get a glaceon? If you’re busy that’s fine though.

I’d like to request a Chandelure? No rush at all, but it’s something I’d like to use here and on Steam for maybe a month.

can i get a Luxray? always loved me a luxray.

Sorry guys, but I’ve kind of stopped making avatars. If I do return to making them, I’ll continue from the requests posted here. Again sorry, but my passions have moved on from these…

My request did not make it even though i was next TT^TT