Plz Help Me

Um I’m legitimately stuck and I’m kinda scared plz help me I’ve tried closing out and reopening it too

Open the dev nav, click the pokeball icon at the right (The memory chamber), and faint all your pokemon by fighting various trainers.

Um one tiny problem I wanted to see what the egg generator did and now it’s glitching out and I can’t close it :worried:

Force close your game.

you mean like ctrl alt delete kind of stuff


Okay I ended it in task manager but I can’t even open up the X Menu or d for the dex nav

Try this.

Okay I’ll try this thx

I can only find 3 backup saves I think and they all say that they were modified today soooooo idk

That’s normal. Wait, did you turn on autosave?

once for a moment but then I turned back off. Oh no did I break it?

Normally there are 3 backups. They’re based on the latest 3 times you’ve saved. More than that will mean you’re stuck forever.

So I probably did break it because I probably Quick Saved at least three times and now I almost feel like crying deep breaths deep breaths

I guess I’ll just go watch some Undertale to cheer myself up