Plz help im stuck

I lost to the Damian battle in the dream realm the last one when I went back I MOVED UP THE WALL AND NOW IM STUCK I CANT MOVE AND DO ANYTHING

Assuming you haven’t saved at least thrice after losing to him, load a backup.

I havent saved at all I was just farming for natures

I lost because I entered the dream realm with a level 99 D. Gallade and level 1 mons I just hatched

Will I be able to go back to the dream realm?

If you return to a point before you lost to Damian, yes. You can also return there once you get the Magic Carpet postgame.

Umm I already completed the holon quest and I lost because of not bringing my mons now im stil stuck on the wall pls help

Restart your game and fight him again, not losing this time.

ok ill try

HOLY CRAP YOU ARE MY SAVIOR IM BACK IN KORIL TOWN AND IM NOT GOING TO THE DREAM REALM EVER AGAIN THANK YOU I tried the solution you told me to do BUT I swaped the Game.Rx file with savefile Back up no.3 and I now hate the dream realm thanks u get a cookie :cookie:

same thing happened to me in the infernal base
and I spammed save
how do I fix
please ive worked so hard on this game

My game stopped responding when i was entering the battle with East in the Jade Tower and the game saved in the battle and closed. I tried opening the game a few times to see if it would just kick me out of the battle but the game kept giving me a not responding message. I thought the problem could be resolved by uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. But since this new update came out and i think that stopped the not responding message but now I’m stuck on the little arena with East and the Augur and I can’t interact with any of them, leave the arena, or escape rope out. Please help I don’t want to start a new save file I spent many hours grinding this team and starting over would be very unfortunate