Please help for E4 :))

Hi! I can usually do well enough in the regular run-of-the-mill pokemon games, but I’m not really involved in competitive battling so these E4 members/teams/strategies are a little foreign to me. I’m also not great at picking which items to go on which mons. I do know what EVs&IVs are but I don’t know much about implementing them.

I’m already planning on doing a complete team revision as I don’t think my current team will be able to hack it without spamming revives and full restores

My current team is as follows, but afterwards I’ll be adding any ideas I may have:

Lv86 Sand Stream Tyranitar (Armour) w/ Jolly

  • Crunch
  • Stone Edge
  • Screech
  • EQ

Lv86 Vampiric D. Luxray (Leftovers) w/ Sassy

  • Iron Head
  • Giga Drain
  • Toxic Spikes
  • Poison Jab

Lv87 Thick Fat D. Snorlax (Leftovers) w/ Lonely

  • Wood Hammer
  • Bulk Up
  • Body Slam
  • EQ

Lv87 Competitive Milotic (kinda wanna find her mega?) w/ Rash

  • Moonblast
  • Rain Dance
  • Surf
  • Hydro Pump

Lv85 Clear Body D.Gardevoir (Mega Stone) w/ Bashful

  • Ice Beam
  • Charge Beam
  • Calm Mind
  • Thunder Wave

Lv85 Intimidate D.Arcanine w/ Lax

  • Iron Head
  • Work Up
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Body Slam

I know I have holes in my current team, it’s been treating me okay so far with Snorlax carrying much of the team, but I know for E4 I’m going to have trouble.

I also don’t know who to switch out and who to keep but I do have a few mons I’ve given some thought to

  • Moxie Gyrados
  • Gengar
  • Mega Flygon
  • D. Typhlosion
  • Mold Breaker Excadrill

I’d love any input and advice! I’m not scared of the grind, I’m willing to breed (even though I could use a little learning), willing to hunt for hidden natures, EV/IV train, etc.

@PeterHolmes74 Still active, by chance?



I’m not that good at the game but I can give some suggestions
1, Thunder wave isn’t really good, if you want the paralasis, use discharge that has 30%
2, Hydro pump is kinda not that good when you have surf on the same team member
3, I saw lots of people talk about belly drum D.Snorlax before so I think you can try it instead of bulk up?
4. Screech… it’s 85% accurate (I think), and Tyranitar already has high attack so I think you can replace it with dragon dance, because it raises your attack instead of lowering opponents, which they can get rid of by switching.
5, Is Giga drain really good on a (d.)luxray? I’ve never tried using it but Luxray has 95 base SpA. You have Earthquack on 2 team members so I’m assuming you have TM for it, you can put Earthquack on D.Luxray.
That’s my thoughts, I hope it will help a little.


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Bulk up is generally more reliable since it gives you defense boosts too. Dragon Dance Tyranitar is an excellent suggestion here, at least in my opinion.