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Opening Bredmons (+Deltas) Gifts and Giveaways!

So, hi, y’all! I do this a lot on the Insurgence Discord, so figured I would reach out to the Forums as well and offer my breeding services! I’d like to help out some new players or even old players who’d like to start the game with a brand-new late game Delta, or have always been wanting a 5IV bredmon.

Heads up: no payment is required! This is purely free and just me wanting to help others have fun and enjoy the game. I will always appreciate IV Stones, Dream Mist, Heart Scales, and Rare Candies, or even simply just a Pokemon with your Trainer OT and ID, however, nothing is absolutely needed in exchange. I’m also looking for shiny Pokemon, particularly shiny Deltas, but I would love any. For shinies, I would offer 3-4 bred mons or Deltas or choice, and for shiny Deltas, I would offer 5-6 bred mons or Deltas of choice. Shiny Living Delta 'Dex is a momentous task :((

Additionally, feel free to hit me up in a DM either here or on the Insurgence Discord. My Discord username can be found at Crimson#4138 :>

Trading Name: crmsn

Offer: Any Delta Pokemon or regular Pokemon of choice. They will all have a proper, competitive nature, 5 Perfect (31) IVs, and possibly even some TM moves on them if you so desire. The mons that have duplicates in the box, such as Ralts, Snorunt, and Clamperl, have different natures for the split evolution. Some will have Hidden Abilities, depending on whether the HA is the mon’s best nature, unless specifically requested otherwise. If it’s in the “Competitive” box, the only mons I can give away is something that can be bred!

Further Information: I have 5IV parents of all the Deltas, as well as a small selection of other Pokemon. The Delta Growlithe, Durant, and Torchic on the bottom right of the “5IV Mons” box are Challenge Championship mons, so you may also request those for a CC team as well. You can also request Pokemon that are not in any of the boxes :>

Thanks for reading, y’all! Hope you have a good day, and hope you enjoy the game as much as I do!


Could I please get one of the ruin delta Metagross?

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Would you have a delta axew with jolly nature?

I can give you candies, iv stone and dream mist!

Btw, it’s a nice initiative :wink:

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I got heart scale would u like to trade that for a d deino or a d petitil

if u have any of these could I have a delta larvesta or a HA delta beldum ruin

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Of course! Is there one that you would prefer between Deino and Petilil, and if Petilil, would you prefer Water or Fairy?

All done! Hope this looks okay to you!

My tradename is crmsn, feel free to contact me either here or on Discord at Crimson#4138 when you’re wanting to trade!

Done! Hope this is okay! :))

Let me know when you’d be ready to trade either contacting me here or on Discord at Crimson#4138! My tradename is crmsn!

Here you go! Let me know when you’re ready to trade!

My tradename is crmsn, hit me up either here or on Discord at Crimson#4138!

It’s perfect! Im ready, mine is Azyl.

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Just sent request! My tradename is crmsn

Edit: Hope you enjoy! Thank you for the trade! I hope that works for you :))

Thanks a lot!
I gave you some extra in your mailbox :wink:

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You’re too kind, thank you so much! Let me know if you’d ever like more Deltas or mons bred in the future, I’m happy to help! <3

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If you’re interested, I have quite a few timid natured and 5 IV delta larvesta eggs available

Thank you for doing this too!

Would I be able to trade for a delta bergmite, delta clamperl (eventually to become delta Gorebyss), and delta elekid?

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Sure thing! Will start work on them right now :))

Can I have a delta larvesta? If not, is delta deino available?

Absolutely! Do you have a preference between either? Both are available :))

Larvesta would be nice, thanks a bunch!

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All done! Hope these are okay! My tradename is crmsn! Let me know when you’re ready to trade!