Online is crashing

Everytime i try to log in to the online play features or try to enter the friend safari my game turns black and i cant do nothing and have to close the app, any clue on how to fix this?

Someone posted the same problem less than 24h ago, so please use the search function next time. Friend Safari still crashing Try everything that was suggested in the other thread, then come back if it’s still not working.

I re downloaded the game and i still cant acess the online play or the friend safari

Did you download

I aswell haven’t had access to friend safari today. Everytime i connect to server by pressing c, the screen stays black afterwards. I am in aswell.

Yes , i downloaded , yesterday i was fine but today it kept happening

Its been doing this to me as well and i was fine until 7:02 am in my time zone then this started to happen. (P.S. Ive reinstalled this game twice and no dice on connecting to Pokegear Online Play or Friend Safari.)

The trading and friend safaris have been down for quite a while now, since last night. We have to wait for them to come back up pal!