Friend Safari still crashing

So I checked the status of the servers and everything is online so I assume that that is not currently the problem. When I try and connect my game times out and crashes. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Fixed

Are you on the latest version of the game?

I believe so, if not might that be causing the disconnect?

When was the last time you updated?

the latest patch is 1.8.2 check your version. then download if it’s not. There is a new core available, and a patcher too if you don’t want to download the whole thing.

It should have updated recently, but I got a new computer so in the transfer I might have kept an older version.

Just redownload the game and see if it works. If you are on windows you don’t need to manually transfer saves iirc.

try to re-download the game it’s less hassle for you, and it won’t affect your save file too.

Just checking before I ruin something, If I delete my old version of the game that won’t affect my save file right?

in windows your savefile is located out of your game files so it won’t be erased

Sweet, Thanks you both for the help that appears to have been the problem!

No problem! Enjoy the friend safaris!

I’m having the same problem. Were you able to figure out what the problem was, why you weren’t able to get online? I do have the latest update but I’m still unable to connect online.

yeah he just re-downloaded the game.

Thank you. Do I have to re-download the core & patch?

if you download the new core it’s 1.8.2 then no need for the patcher. Your save file won’t be affected.

Thank you.

When I downloaded the game initially, I believe it was 1.8.2, but I could be mistaken. Was this an update in the last few days? I’m sorry for the frequent questioning. I’m just trying to understand. I downloaded it on the 11th at 7:35 pm.

yah some patch for safari and online trading. It was on the 13th when the patch was released.

Okay. Thank you very much.