Oh, hi! I'm new here so i have questions

First of all, I’ve installed the launcher to play the game, however, I don’t know whet to do next to start playing the game. anyone can help me?

go into the folder you downloaded it should be called insurgeng 1.3 core or something similar find the files that say game look over to check that it is the application file click to launch and it will ask to extract the patch files, click allow and then after it is done extracting the files the icon for the application file will have changed and you can launch the file and jump right in

So, I also have to install the core version to start playing? I’m not really understanding, sorry : (

there is nothng to be sorry about
are you on windows or mac

Windows, specifically Windows 10

okay, so did you download both files from the website?

I used this to download the launcher (https://p-insurgence.com/launcher/InsurgenceLauncher.exe), however, I haven’t downloaded anything else.

okay so that is outdated software which the game no longer supports go to https://p-insurgence.com/ and download both files on the windows side and follow the aforementioned directions

Oh, alright! Thanks!
I’ll probably have more questions about trying to download the game, are you okay if I ask them later?

go ahead i aint got anything better to do

and while your waiting for it to download want to do some battles via their battle sim?

Battle sim?

if you look at the top of the screen and click battling it will take you to it, you can make your own team, or fight with randomized teams via random battles

Oh, I would like to! How do we find each other in the battle sim?

it will show whoever is online at the time

I think i found you.
How do I build my team?

lets talk via the battle sim lobby

I tried to start a new game, but it stays black

okay so try reinstalling and if that doesnt work try downloading the mirror files instead

Try the following:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Search for Advanced System Settings
  • Click the only result (should have a shield icon iirc)
  • Go to advanced tab
  • First option should say performance, click settings, this opens a new window
  • Go to Data Execution Prevent
  • Click the “Add…” button
  • Add the game executable
  • Press apply/OK, restart the game