Help loading the game up

hi, i recently started trying to install the game. i followed a guide on YouTube suggesting that i install winRAR to unlock the file i then downloaded version 1.2.7 from the website. once i was done with downloads i extracted the file from winRAR to the pc. i then clicked into the box and clicked on the game following the videos guide which should have loaded the game up. a black box with the insurgence title however up for a short time before disappearing. i tried several times but could not get past that point… i deleted and then redownloaded the file as well as winRAR but it just comes up with a black box for a short time before disappearing not opening the game. has anyone got any surggestions on how to fix this.
thank you

hi, thank you so much this has made the game actually launch this is brilliant. one small question, is there a way to make it large screen.
thank you so much