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Nyx question

in the nyx fight do the immunitys change. to resistences. weaknesess?

Immunity’s change to weaknesses

well thats not good.

Haha get wrecked man. It was easy for me because I prepared.

i was not prepared and now im dead.


Note that they are changed to 4x weaknesses, keep that in mind, since a shadow sneak will do big damage to her kangaskhan, if you picked d. charizard, and you can always just relearn it. If you need a heart scale you can get one in route 2 using surf or by getting 10 flags for the flag guy in secret base, also note that if somebody teleports you inside a tree in a secret base, you can use the tablet to escape

didnt get D.char but i do have D.ambipom so ill use him.

if it learns shadow sneak you should be fine, but i can’t garuntee an ohko

Technician plus stab with a semi viable attack stat and it’s 4x effective? It’s going to ohko

d.ambi is dangerous cuz the kanga can use return. just use a mon that knows a ghost move

thats HA

D.ambi has some priority moves so i think i can go safely.

ah k

Still if they managed to get it

i dont think you can trade in void gauntlet and going all the way back to crytal caves just to give your d.ambi to someone for HA is too much work

when i battled nyx, i didn’t even know that immunities turned to weaknesses, just read it on the wiki recently, i ended up having to straight up brute force my way through the fight and it took me like 3 tries

i am currently smashing rocks till i find an iv changer.

ah ok. also, if you’re having trouble with a battle, quicksave before tou start it, so that you can just soft reset if you lose instead of trekking all the way back and wasting repels, also useful in the E4 and with postgame bosses. Also, for the postgame, you’ll be catching a lot if legends, so i recommend using them for some of the bosses. Also, there’s a master ball in the darkrai base that you can get with surf and seed flare, use that to catch giratina, which you have to do immediately after this fight, and gira can’t be false swiped either, and it’s ability makes it only weak to rock. Um, also also, in the postgame, you can catch Primal regigigas, and you get a master ball before that, and while it has the same catch rate as primal arceus, aorry for the spoilers, keep the ball, primal arceus is hell to catch without it especially if you’re in an older version

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thats a whole lot of information i did not expect to receive.

ill quick save to your advice tho.