Noob's Ultra Pokemon Shop

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Trading Name: AWildNoob


I offer a wide variety of high-quality competitive Pokemon. If you can’t find what you want on the shelf, I take custom orders as well.

Tier 1
  • Abra, Timid, 0 attack IVs, Egg moves: Encore

  • Beldum, Jolly

  • Chansey, Bold, 0 attack IVs

  • Ferroseed, Relaxed, 0 speed IVs, Egg moves: Leech Seed, Spikes

  • Gible, Jolly, Egg moves: Outrage

  • Kabuto, Adamant, Egg moves: Rapid Spin, Waterfall

  • Larvitar, Adamant or Jolly, Egg moves: Dragon Dance, Pursuit

  • Meditite, Adamant or Jolly, Egg moves: Fake Out, Bullet Punch

  • Nidoran, Timid, 0 attack IVs

  • Rotom, Bold, 0 attack IVs

  • Scyther, Adamant or Impish with 28 Speed IVs (gets initiative over other Scizors with a slow U-Turn)

  • Totodile, Jolly, Egg moves: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet

  • Delta Beldum, Impish

  • Delta Feebas, Bold, 0 attack IVs

  • Delta Snivy, Bold

  • Special sale Larvesta, Timid, Almost optimal Hidden Power Ground (2 Atk/30 SpA/30SpD) (On sale because I made a mistake).

Tier 2
  • Bulbasaur, Bold, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs (0 Atk), Egg moves: Leaf Storm

  • Cyndaquil, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Grass IVs

  • Electrike, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Ice IVs

  • Foonguss, Bold, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs (0 Atk), Egg moves: Stun Spore

  • Magnemite, Timid or Modest, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs

  • Snivy, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs (both 0 and 30 Atk available), Egg moves: Glare

  • Solosis, Quiet, 0 attack and speed IVs

  • Tangela, Sassy, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs (30 Atk), Egg moves: Leech Seed, Leaf Storm

Tier 3

Delta Bulbasaur, Modest, Optimal Hidden Power Fire IVs

Delta Misdreavus, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Ground IVs

Tier 4
  • Delta Charmander, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Fighting IVs

  • Shiny Totodile, Jolly, random IVs

  • Shiny Feebas, Bold, random IVs

All Pokemon will have 5 IVs minus the unused stat unless it has a specific 0 IV stat, Hidden Power in which case it will be perfect after the use of 1 IV Stone. Shinies will not have any perfect IVs except by chance.

I can breed anything in these boxes pretty easily as well, although you might have to wait a while because some of them are leftovers from my earlier breeding days. Feel free to make a custom order.



Tier 1: 1 points each

Tier 2: 2 points each

Tier 3: 3 points each

Tier 4: 5 points each


IV Stone- 1 point

PP Up- 2 points

Shinies with good natures- Variable, and I might not accept a certain shiny but if I do it will always be worth at least 5 points. Useful egg moves will add a minimum of 3 points if they work with the shiny. If you don’t want anything from the store, I can offer IV Stones, PP Ups, and shinies of my own.

Edit: I forgot to bump it and it got locked but you can still request things on Discord.


I’ve got 5 IV stones and 5 PP ups, so I’d like 15 points.

what would it take to get a delta feebas as well as a delta snivy and beldum ruin, delta volcania, and a delta bulbasaur and lastely a high level poke for the elite four it alright if you dont have one for it though just thought id ask

The prices for most of your requests are listed above. The Ruin Beldum and Delta Larvesta will cost 1 point each for a grand total of 9 points. Because you have a somewhat new account and made a large request I’d like you to post a screenshot the payment and your trainer card.

i have three pp ups but it will take a few days to get some iv stones as i am going to be busy doing other things is that ok?

Can i get a Delta charmander (for the dex), a delta misdreavus, a delta amaura, a delta snivy, a shiny feebas and a shiny totodile?

I have my payments ready.

I realized I forgot to start choosing what to buy. Could I get the shinies if animelover doesn’t have their payment ready yet? And also maybe a tier 4 delta charmander.

i canged the shiny feebas for a d bulbasaur and i have 3 pp up and an iv stone so i thing i have enugh

What would it cost for a male Delta Ralts with decent IV’s?

Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been busy. Everything is ready except for the Delta Amaura (which I’m not taking) and Delta Snivy (because I don’t know what nature you want).

It’s alright!

And for the delta snivy. Any nature is fine.

After you are done. Tell me the price. Incase the shinies have a good egg moveset.


Kids, this is how you net yourself an easy couple shinies.

When you pay for 8 points of a purchase with an 8-point 5 IV trained shiny

Screenshots of “Delta Charmander, Timid, Optimal Hidden Power Fighting IVs” please


None of the shinies have a good egg moveset, so your order is 19 points. Your order is ready to be picked up.

I’m ready to pick up my order

You are on the Discord, right? You can ping me there or arrange a time here.

I’ll ping you.

What is the delta beldum ruin or spider?