No man's land help

I’m trying to get articuno, which is behind the relic song wall, but I can’t get past the rock puzzle, no matter what I do I always end in a dead end with no way to get through it, any help please?

Ok, it’s not easy by any mean and sadly I can’t remember the exact way you can do it but, at the very least, I can tell you that it took me several attempts because first you have to remove the items that block boulders (a rare candy and a big nuggets if my memory isn’t trolling me) then reset the puzzle going in the cave.
What I remember is: first from the left you push the only boulder you can and then you can heart swap with the golden statue, then you can rock climb to the point where you can smash some rock to reach the second rock climb bit and go down again. From there my memory betrays me, sorry :frowning:

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Oh wow! I didn’t even see the climbable wall next to the cave :sweat_smile: but thanks to that I’ve done it, thanks a lot!