Relic Song location in No Man's land

I can see the place to use the relic song that leads to Articuno. But I can not figure out how to actually get to it. There are so many paths blocked by boulders that are impossible to get through. Any help?

All thanks and credit to Rocket for his help and guidance in providing this. You can find a small walkthrough on how to reach the Relic Song spot to find Articuno right here.

If you’ve got any further questions, feel free to swing by the #help-and-questions channel of the Discord! We’re always there to help :>

First, you go to the point where you can use Heart Swap (first two boulders). Then you go to the right of the cave and use Rock Climb. The rest is pretty easy, but most people don’t see the Rock Climb wall.

Okay thanks guys. For some reason I wasn’t thinking about the breakable rocks above the cave.