No Faint E4

Help with planning for a no faint E4 run.

I’m at Sonata, just beat the Gym. My current team consists of:
Gigalith(Might Switch for A-Ttar)
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Hard Stone
Brave Nature Not EV trained, hopefully 256 split between HP and Defense, and 252 Attack.
Stone Edge
Rock Slide
Stealth Rocks
Ability: Protean Max
Item: Eeveeite
Modest Nature and IDK EVs
Thunderbolt (for speed)
Leaf Blade
Ability: Prankster
Item: Rocky Helmet
Careful Nature, not EV trained, hopefully split between Def and S.Def and Attack
Sleep Talk
Thunder Wave
Play Rough
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Rawst/Lum Berry
IDK Nature, not EV trained, hopefully 252 in Atk and 252 in Spd with 4 in HP?
Aerial Ace
Close Combat
Double Team
Delta Gallade
Ability: Volt Absorb
Item: Leftovers?
Modest Nature, again not EV trained, hopefully 252 in Atk, and 252 in Spd, with 4 in HP
Sword Dance
Psycho Cut
Ice Punch/ Icicle Crash
Thunder Punch/ Wild Charge? (Should I risk it?)
Delta Haxorus
Ability: Water Veil (Should I get Heavy Metal?)
Item: Leftovers?
Gentle Nature, not EV trained, hopefully 252 Atk, 252 Def, and 4 in HP.
Heavy Slam
Swords Dance (Will remove if I can get Choice Band if anyone knows where I can get one that would be helpful)
Aqua Tail
(I wanted Dragon Tail on this set for the Baton Pass E4 and for more rocks damage)
[Replacements that are being considered]
Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Armor
Nature? EVs would be 252 Atk, with the rest in Def, HP, and SpDef?
Stealth Rock
Stone Edge/ Rock Slide

Thank you for reading this far, sorry about the inconsistencies. I noticed my team has a bad weakness to fighting and is mostly physical.

If it’s not urgent, I would wait until the rematches. My 24th no faint team was groudon, kyogre, starter, regigigas, giratina, arches (all primal/mega) It was really easy with a bit of planning.

Modest D. Gallade.
also leaf blade b physical, would recommend ice beam

Instead of Gigalith, use Armored Tyranitar. He summond Sandstorm upon entering the field. Adamant nature is good and use the Ev repartition of it’s Choice Band Set: 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe

Excadrill is a true MVP. During my first playthough, he was sweeping 3 out of 5 battle. Sand Rush Adamant Excadrill will anihilate the enemy when combined whit Tyranitar’s Sandstorm. Whit X-Cissor (always had difficulty whit this word), he can outspeed under the sand and One Shot the Champion’s legendary pokemon (#NoSpoil). Switch Klefki for him.

A taunt user is wonderfully usefull against Kayla. Is you use Gardevoir, you can also trace her Smeargle’s Moody and become unstopable.

Delta Gallade will be nice. However, your Modest Nature will be a huge problem. You should have used Delta Gardevoir. Even if you loose attack, keep using a Physical set because of Gallade’s pitfull special attack.

So, I suggest:
Delta Gallade

But see, I’ve beat the game before, working on 100 percent completion on my main account. This is the save file I created for my brother, whose trading name is prolink. I really don’t feel like playing post-game again until I finish my main.

@peterholmes47 I can switch D. Gallade. Who would you recommend? should I just put BoltBeam on my M-Eevee?

Does anyone have any consideration for D. Hax? The reason I played Klefki was because of a set I saw on Pimpnite’s Grimmsnarl: Prankster, Max Attack Max Hp. Bulk Up, Rest, Sleep Talk, and Play Rough. I adapted that to my own needs as my team is horrendously slow (switching BU for TW). I am considering dropping D. Gallade for Excadrill or any other Sand boosted sweeper. I’m kinda building a bulky sand team (again). Are you suggesting a similar core to this:

Try to adapt your core whit Gen 6 mechanics. There is a wider range of options avaliable and only specific threats you must be prepared for. No Faint whitout legendary is hard, I wouldn’t recomment it before the remaches, but why not.

Unfortunately, Klefki does not have the offensive stats or movepool that Grimasnarl have, so it should be more like a support Pokémon. Para-Prankster Klefky is nice, and you could see some cool stuff whit this set:

Klefki @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful / Calm Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Magnet Rise
-Play Rough / Foul Play

A hazard setter for your sand team. Magnet rise is there for the ground-types attack the AI would lunch at you. It can spread Tunder Wave effectively. I just don’t know if it is really that usefull against the E4.

Bolt-beam Evee can also be an option.

Delta Haxorus is really good agaisnt the E4. he stack Steel Type weakness however. I suggest you use a priority move against London, Aqua-Jet is your best option so far. Wather veil can be usefull against Scald Burns of Will-o-Wisp, but Heavy Metal is best used whit Heavy Slam. Whitout it, Iron Head must be taken over.

Yet, we have:

See a pattern? Fighting-type is strong agaisnt your team, so Gengar sounds really nice. Fighting and ground-type immunity and having Taunt to shut down Kayla. Life Orb is maybe a bit to much considering how frail it is, so it depends on you.

Gengar @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
IVs: 29 HP
Timid Nature
-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Wave / Sludge Bomb
-Focus Blast

K. I just don’t use Ggar a lot, so its kinda new to me. My answer to Kayla is Dragon Tail-Stealth Rocks. That also works well for the Hail E4. D. Hax and Klef are my answers to London, aka Trick Room. D. Hax is kinda slow and can carry Aqua jet and Klef has priority.

The problem whit Kyla is she use Ingrain, wich block phazing if I remember correct.

Ok, thanks for helping me plan my team.

@PeterHolmes74 Did you have the EVs for Excadrill? Thanks.

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Classic. Adamant Nature is used to 2HKO Ferrothorn wit Life Orb, but Jolly let him outspeed Heatran oustide of sandstorm or neutral natured base 100 speed.

4 things. On Eevee, I’m running 252 SpA, and 252 Spe, with 4 Hp, and BoltBeam PsyBlast. Any changes needed? And any changes to the Ttar Movest above? And on XDrill, I’m running Drill Run, Iron Head, X Scissor, and Swords Dance? Oh, and D. Hax is running Choice Band (If I can find one. I couldn’t find one on the Wiki.) Aqua Jet Dragon Tail and Heavy Slam. What do you think is the best 4th move? Again, tysm.

Also, you can get several legendaries pre E4. On my first playthrough, I had Giratina and Mew and Thundurus. There are others but I don’t remember them all.

@PeterHolmes74 Would you recommend switching M-Eevee, Tyranitar, Excadrill, Klefky, D. Haxorus, or Gengar for D. Volcarona, D. Metagross Ruin, D. Golurk, or D. Aggron? D. Aggron seems to fit the same role that D. Haxorus does, so probably not both on the same team. D. Metagross and D. Golurk both are immune to sand. Also, Aegislash and Landorus are Uber tier options.

D. Volcarona and D. Metagross ruin are only avaliable during the post-game, so getting them may be hard. D. Haxorus is different then D. Aggron because D. Haxorus serves as a wallbreaker and a priority user. Having him and his wather-type attack makes the Edward matchup a lot easier. Aggron’s fire type, on the opposite, makes it harder.

I think you overestimate the E4. Yes, it is hard, but whit preparation, taunt and something faster than Shadow Mewtwo capable of OHKO him and the rest should be easy enough.

Ok, thanks. I actually have D. Beldum and D. Golett and D. Volcarona already, all 4-5 IV, so I was wondering If I should use them. I wanted to use D. Meta and I am running Rock Head Grass Hammer, Head Smash Crystal Rush and Diamond Storm.

That’s a nice set. I think it may be possible to have a sweeper set for him, whit Hone Claw to patch Head Smash’s low accury.

Yes, D. Volcarona and D. Metagross Ruin can be helpfull.