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Guys i know that the creators are trying their best to complete this game and make the next update available to the players of the game ; but it’s just that it would be good if you gave us a date when the next release is because we’ve been waiting a long time

They don’t actually know when; check suze’s (and the other dev’s) twitters for teasers and progress reports. Originally, they planned to be finished by the end of this year, but Echo said they probably won’t.

They don’t want to set a deadline since it would make people angry if they are unable to hold that deadline. They aren’t really sure when the game will be finished. One thing we do know: it’ll be out before 2018

*2020 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there is a strong possibility that it will be out before 2018.

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That is a long time to wait now isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

honestly, yea, not seen an update in such a long time that i dont even get on the game that much anymore :frowning: so sad

Have developers said something about the release date of the next update?

Currently, the Developers of Insurgence are holding their tongues on an update release date in order to not give the audience expectations of when 1.2 should come out. The only confirmation that we can give is the core devs plan to be finished with Insurgence Content as soon as possible. Updates regarding progress sometimes will be posted on either the devs’ twitter or on discord sometimes.

Also, according to Deuk, we’ll know the release date a month or more before the game is released.

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I hate to be that guy but I agree. A date would be nice, doesnt even have to be soon, could be in the years to come, just really need a date. Progress updates, percentages, etc… This way so the games hype doesn’t die out and the community doesn’t fall apart. A date is more important than people think

Picture this. The devs give a release date of say March 8 2017. Then, something happens and they are no longer able to get everything done by March 8 2017. Then they either don’t release it then which leads to disappointment, or cut corners which leads to disappointment.

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This was and still is the most accurate timeframe. Other than that, Cow538’s point stands.

Can’t really give you an accurate percentage, but the main story part of the game(and side quests too, though I’m not sure how much of those have been completed if not all) has been finished for quite a while. Even though it seems to be complete, there’s still stuff to be done though, like art, music and the bugs(Alpha testing has also been progressing quite nicely).

Most progress updates and teasers are posted on the devs’ twitter. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12].

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how can you participate in alpha testing?

I don’t think there are any open spots.

Sleepy I already posted that first link :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, for once cow is right i don’t think you’ll be able to alpha test.

as far as I’ve seen, Alpha testing is the one the devs do themselves. Since the majority of the devs mainly contribute to the game in their own aspects (art, codes, music, script, configurations, etc.) so most of them don’t know what the full game looks like. That’s where the Alpha test comes in, it’s when Suze finally puts all the bits and pieces together into a complete game piece which he then distributes to the devs. It’s only then that they’ll know how the actual game is. After that comes Beta testing, that is where the community comes in for the game testing. If and when that’s done can we really expect a proper release announcement.

Devs + Admins + Mods i think (discord roles)

Admins & Mods probably for Beta yeah

Where are you getting this info?