New electric and water delta charizard line

in a cave with electrical crystals that can make electricity, they’re how most of torren’s energy supply is made, but recently the crystal’s have not made any energy, you start this quest if you talk to an electrical worker guy in red than rather green in the power plant and he’ll say: hey can you… nevermind. but if you talk to him after you have beaten Anastasia in Kepler city he says: hey can you… !!! you beat Anastasia?! you can surely help us! if you say no he says: aw man when you decide to help us just come to talk to me! and if you say yes he says: great! the way we get electricity for the torren region is from the crystals in a special secret cave, but recently the crystals we’ve been harvesting haven’t been as electrifying eh eh? we sent like 5 miners to go see why but they haven’t returned but you beat Anastasia! you can help us! you get teleported to the cave, then he says: we’re here, now get in there! you can talk to me if you need healing! as you go through the cave the crystals get more and more blueish and turn from an electric yellow to an electric blue, you see a water thing you can dive into, in the underwater cave you get to a corridor you see the 5 miners and a Charmander but it seems to be a delta Charmander it points it’s shark-like tail at you and the 5 miners attack and battle you, when you win against them you fight the level 30 delta Charmander, it has the moves aqua tail, thunderbolt, dive, and thunder bite. when you catch it the Pokedex says: discovered by EthanandLuinor, it uses its tail to send electric shocks to peoples brains mind-controlling them, if you see one… RUN. the 5 miners quickly swim up to the cave and you are teleported to the entrance, when you talk to the red-clothed electric guy he says: wow a delta pokemon?! it must have been sucking the electricity, looks like it needs to be trained, you should probably train them! oh and here I found this weird rock! (you obtained a d. w. charizardite) it evolves into a water electric charmeleon and then water electric Charizard, (you can make the design yourself if you want) thank you for reading this!

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