Need Help Getting Delta Starters

Trading Name: Smile

Offer: Any starter pokemon if wanted

Request: All 3 deltas.

Further info: I just started the game, so I can help you get any other starter if you need them. I’ve already made different save files that have each starter, I just want to trade them to my main save.

Hey, I’ve got a save with Delta Squirtle and another with Charmander (151Gallade) and can easily get a file with Bulbasaur. I want to get my Charmander over to my save file with Squirtle, so if you’re far enough to get to the daycare, can you take my Charmander, breed it, and send it to my other file?

I’m still at Midna Mine, and I’m not sure how far I am from reaching the daycare, so I’m not able to breed yet.

You can breed when you get to Metchi Town. It’s at the bottom right of your map.

Also, no deltas can breed. Just saying.

Ah well. Since we can’t breed deltas, I can always get another save with another delta charmander if that’s fine, Gallade.

I’ll just trade you some random Weedle for the Charmander on my main file, then start a new one with whatever starter you want.

In Insurgence, you can rename traded Pokemon.

Oh that’s nice! I wish the main series would do that.

Ok, when can you trade?

I can do almost any time before 3:30 PM EST today and almost all of tomorrow. Maybe we can do it at 1:00 PM EST today?

Today, I can trade anywhere from 5:30 PM to 12:00 AM EST.

How about 10:15 PM EST today. I’ll send over the Weedle for Charmander and tomorrow I’ll give you a starter of your choice. BTW Will the Charmander come from your main save or will I need a different trading name?

Ok, and the charmander will come from a different trading name of mine, Keemstar1. Are you able to help me get all 3 of the starters or just one?

I can help with all 3 starters, but couldn’t I just send the two you don’t have to your main file? Or did you trade away your original starter?

I chose Eevee as my starter on my main file since it gets a cool mega evolution.

Alright that’s cool. Tomorrow I can trade you the starters. I already have a save with Charmander and can use turbo mode to quickly get the other two. It would be nice to get it done tomorrow since Sunday through Friday I’m really busy. My Charmander account is 151Gallade and the other two will be 152 and 153Gallade xD

Got 152Gallade with Delta Bulbasaur ready. After I send over one of the starters, I’ll delete that file for Squirtle.

Okay! So you want me to trade your Charmander from your other file to your main file? I’m on right now as Smile.

I typed in your name, And am waiting now. Remember that my main file is 150Gallade.