Need Eevite

Trading Name:Sed or _Sed

Offer: Discuss

Request: 2 Eevtie’s

Further info:i’ll give you guys a week to see if you can get me them and what you need for them

2 eevites? Why not one?

btw you can always ask here Stone Hunting Shop: Hackers Begone!

Cause I want all the eeveelutions(pls tell me if I spelled wrong) in my team And also please let me know if this is a bad idea

You do know Eevite isn’t an evolution stone, right?

yes, it’s a megastone and to all the moves taught by the tutor it can change it’s form and to me it’s awesome and thier are a total of 8 eeveelutions, so i can get all lutions in two eevees cool…or not cool

It’s a very versatile team because of the coverage with 2 mons alone. I think it’s :ok_hand:

Well, you can only mega evolve one mon per game.

And I only have one eevite. Do you want it? I could get you the other later maybe.

except that a non-stab moonblast from a 45 base sp. attack eevee may not OHKO a magikarp (lowest sp. defense in game) with a neutral nature, and loses almost 10% health from a chanseys aerial ace (5 base attack). the non-mega is absolute trash

I forgot that you could only have 1 mega at a time.

what you can do (and I did) is alternate moves frequently. if you are about to fight a rain gym, as an example, flare blitz isn’t that useful, so you fly back to helios and switch it for thunderbolt. also, umbreon is only useful with support moves and designed bulk EVS under most circumstances. foul play isn’t that useful. the big ones are moonblast, and 3 of psychic/ice beam/hydro pump/thunderbolt iMO. I actually use 2 eevees also. I just don’t carry them both at the same time

That’s why i want them

Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum

I have one Eevite do you want it?


I have 1 eevite , Do you have a shiny ? or 6 IV stones?

An eevite for a shiny. That is so a fair trade.

2 Eevite for a shiny or 12 Iv stones

I’ll give you two Eevites for a shiny.

  1. What shiny?
  2. What is your trade name? The one you posted doesn’t work

6IV stones for an eevite is so overpriced, 3 or 4 is more realistic