Need D Bulbasaur, Entei, Raiku, D Aipom

Trading Name: Darius

Offer: I can trade some legendaries (including: Heatran, Shaymin, Cresselia, Genesect, Volcarona, Zygarde), a Delta Squirtle lv 7, Shiny Hydreigon lv 95, Gengar lv 94, Haxorus lv 74, Tyranitar lv 101. If you want something else you can just ask me.

Request: Delta Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venosaur, Entei, Raiku, Delta Aipom/Ambipom.

Further info: Need these to complete the pokedex since I fainted Entei, Raiku and Delta Aipom and the game decided to not give me Delta Bulbasaur from Daimian.

Quick heads up if you’re willing to trade, currently stuck in Jade Tower, might take a while to learn how to use save backups and get out of there

I have a Delta Venusaur, but it’s my starter.

Try this post for how to load backup save

Though if you mean you’re stuck on top of jade tower after catching Rayquaza by any chance, then try interacting with the top step.

Entei and Raikou should respawn till you have the dex entry, even if you fainted them.

I can trade you Entei and Raikou. Just need Zygarde to complete Pokedex because I fainted it accidentally.

and also that Delta Squirtle. The game decided to give me two Delta Charmanders which sucks.

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