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My personal recolors

My recolors i made


cubone (1) cubone 351 (1) 351 351fire (1) 351fire 351ice (1) 351ice 351water (1) 351water larvitar larvitarb pupitar pupitarb486 (1) 486207 (1) 207 472 (1) 472


I love these so much why I do I love them so much

207 (1) 207 472 (1) 472marowak (1) marowak149 (1) 149tyranitartyranitar (2)


They all look great, especially love the Larvitar line! Is a red and black Tyranitar in the works too then?

yes sir

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Holy crap these are really good. Tho the marowak is a bit too bright but that’s probably personal preference

please help me recolor these gen 3 sprites for my ROM hack only one that needs to specific is a blue a gold rayquaza

Spr_b_3r_246 Spr_b_3r_247 Spr_b_3r_248 spr_e_246_1 (1) spr_e_246_1 (1) spr_e_246_2 spr_e_247_1 spr_e_247_2 spr_e_248_1 (1) spr_e_248_1 (1) spr_e_248_2

Uploading: Spr_b_3r_252.png… Spr_b_3r_254 (1) Spr_b_3r_254 (1) Spr_b_3r_256 Spr_b_3r_257 Spr_b_3r_258 b_3_259 b_3_260 Uploading: Spr_b_3r_253 (1).jpg…

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Question @poke4005 , where did you found this one:

That is the old mega typhlo sprite used in 1.1.8 or smth

I think

i could try to see if @Steelman2004 would be willing to try, but he’s busy with school so it may take a while. love the recolors btw

Hum… So I won’t be able to get the icon right. Thanks anyway.

I have 1.1.8 , I can send u the icon if u want @PeterHolmes74

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Please, send me.

I will in a bit

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Okay. So what is it you need my help with?

I guess he did say that from three days ago, but sprites take a while to make. And he has other things to do.

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