My New Team

I want opinions about my new team (Side note I am playing at Normal and I am at Kepler City, a bit before the Audrey fight)
My Team:
-D. Venusaur/D.Venusaurite or Leftovers/Psychic/Moon blast/Calm Mind/Leech Seed/Level 60

-5IV D. Medicham/D.Medichamite or Amulet Coin/Earth Power/Moonblast/HP Dark/Work Up/Lvl 61

-Volcarona/Rocky Helmet/Fiery Dance/Silver Wind(Will be switched with Bug Buzz when the time is right) /Quiver Dance/ Double Edge( Will be switched with Giga Drain or Psychic) /Lvl 63

-Magnezone/Magnet/Flash Cannon/Discharge/Thunder Wave / Magnet Rise/Lvl 58

-Gengar/Gengarite or Spell Tag/Shadow Ball / Dark Pulse/Venoshock/Hypnosis/Lvl 56

-Feraligatr(Will be switched out for Delta Snorlax once I grind it) /Scope Lens/Slash/Aqua Tail /Ice Fang/Crunch

-Here is the moveset I am giving to Delta Snorlax
Wood Hammer / Yawn / Earthquake/Body Slam

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Can you edit your topic to make is easyer to read? Doing it like a list would be nice.

  • Like this
  • The other Pokémon
  • Etc.

Just put "- " at the front of the line. I could help you then.

Ok just give me a minute to do so

Is it better now? @PeterHolmes74

Way better.

Now, as a general rule, I think only one mega Evolution should be used by team. In your case, D. Venusaur. He can win major battle all by himself. He is just so broken…

While Mega D. Medicham seems decent enough, I think there are better Ground/Fairy type avaliable to you. I always says Choice Scarf Gardevoir as THE dragon slayer, but it’s your choice. Be aware that using D. Medicham as the mega makes D. Venusaur weaker. but still usable.

Volcarona is a beast. Good choice. If you have a Timid Nature, that’s the Jackpot.

Gengar is still usabe whitout his Mega Evolution and provides an Ground immunity in his regular form. Dark and Ghost are very rendondent as for coverage. Try Focus Blast, Thunderbolt or anything that gives him a better coverage. I really suggest you use Taunt on him. That way, you prevent Stealth Rocks to be set on your side and preserves Volcarona to loose ½ of his max HP uppon switchin in. Also, you can anihilate Kyla at the E4 whit him.

I think D. Snorlax would appreciate a recovery form, such as Synthesis. This is more relevent if you play in Hard mode like me.

I have sassy on volcarona , which is awful, quiet on magnezone ( would be very good if i had its hidden ability), timid on medicham , gentle on the venusaur ( not the best , at least it is not adamant), Gengar and Feraligatr have Docile. Delta Snorlax does not have a nature (yet) cause i am shiny hunting it! I hope i get it. Also I was thinking of teaching my gengar perish song (somehow) to stick with shadow tag, but i aint gonna do that. I am also thinking of using some 5IV pokemon i got from Wonder Trade ( A delta larvesta , a d. torchic , a bagon, an axew and a pawniard).Still, thanks for the help!!! @PeterHolmes74

Your welcome.

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