My game crashed after 37 hours of play time

So here’s the deal, I hadn’t played in a little while and decided to hop on to finally beat the elite four. It went pretty smoothly, but when I got to the champion’s room, it crashed. I didn’t think much of it at the time, it crashes sometimes, no big deal. I left the computer alone for the day and came back the next day. It worked fine, and I proceeded to talk to the champion. However, in the middle of me talking to him, the game crashed again. I shrugged it off and started the game again. When I got back to the screen, I was sort of frozen in between text scripts. I can’t move or save, but I can look in my menu and toggle the auto run and save on and off. But other than that, I can’t move. I put 37 hours into this wonderful game and I don’t really want to do it all again. I really hope someone can help me.

Try using this guide to load a backup. Before talking to the champion, try turning off Wi-Fi searching.

Thanks so much!

We might have a problem. Does autosave affect how the backups save? Cause if so, then I’m legit stuck forever.

Well, it just saves automatically. If it autosaved 3+ times, then yeah, you’re kinda boned.

Well shit clark

Thanks anyway

it get saves automatically.
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