My first challenge, its easy plz dont judge

A randomizer not nuzloke, maybe that later. Lets dive in!

Hey, we all start somewhere.

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I found kangaskhanite in the base wtf is my luck

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Hohoho! Now we are talking!

first encounter = lackluster:1
The name’s NickElle a play on words.

Can’t catch it anyway

ik but still

YIKES! My starters are Ponyta, Porygon & Chatot. Which one?

Chatot, if u are lucky and find chatotite it will be op as hell!! @JojoBoss247

whay that one?

Read my edit above

i did it!

oof, sorry buddy.2


If move tutors still teach the same moves, this thing can learn boomburst

I. found. STARLY.

That is good

But yeah, u already have a flying normal


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