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My Custom Charmander Line (WIP)

He’s a Fire/Dragon type :smiley: based on Fafnir from norse myth.
They started as recolors, but are now more heavily modified to be more unique.

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They look really cool, tho is that a p on the charmander and charmeleon? If it’s supposed to be lava, it looks kinda wierd but other than that it look noice

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Looks good, but it’s pretty similar to shiny delta Charizards line.

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It’s a norse F


It still looks like a shiny delta Charmander line. I do like the slight edits that make it a little different from the other Charmander lines.

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IMO it doesn’t, shiny Delta charmander is red/orange combination, @socialturtle’s charmander line has very notable changes

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The colors are a little saturated which hides the same colors that the shiny delta Charmander line has, but it does have a few distinct features.

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I dont wanna come off defensive, but shiny delta is all bones lol

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Valid point, but the two do look similar

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Can you stop liking my posts ezlaturbo?

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Here’s my water ground jormungandr snivy


Looks distinctly different and I like that you’re pulling from mythology and monsters that are more obscure. First a dragon then a snake. Cool.

what’s wrong with having your posts liked lol

I don’t like it.

Because I keep getting notifications. And it’s by the same person.

Hey, that remind of of Smaug from The Hobbit!

And here’s servine.



Don’t see what you meant about them being recolors. Those look awesome!

These are great! Think you could try a greek mythology one?